Course Isotope 3


Chinese Language

Overview That you have foundations in some foreign languages actually means that you should be able to make expressions with basic words and speak them on your own  This course has been designed to help you have sufficient practice through an organized and systematic approach so that you can make and speak the most of basic…

Asian Stitching

Overview In this course you will learn to draft the pattern for a simple kimono style top and also make up the top.  You can either learn to draft the pattern, or use the pattern provided in section 2 to sew your Kimono top. There are two sections to this…


Overview We are facing an obesity epidemic where almost 2 billion people worldwide are overweight and 650 million are obese. This is hugely contributing to a significant increase in chronic diseases like type-2 diabetes and heart related conditions. These chronic ailments are largely preventable by following a healthy diet combined…

Self Grooming

Overview Want to learn how to apply makeup on yourself? Want to deepen your makeup understanding? Want to apply makeup with confidence? Through this Complete Step by Step Makeup course we will teach you how to achieve an everyday makeup look. The following course is taught using screen cast presentations and…

Make Up

Overview We show you how to become a makeup artist Want to learn how to become a successful professional makeup artist? The essential skills? The expert tricks? Then our Mastered Makeup Artist course is exactly what you’re looking for!  We want to ensure that you learn makeup artistry in a…

Event Management

Overview Join thousands of students worldwide in the most comprehensive Sports Event Management  course on SAM Institute! Its good to see you back my pal! After finishing the previous section about sports event management , hopefully the main content of this course will be more helpful to you With a…

Beginner’s Course of Graphic Designing

Overview This course is specially catered for beginners to teach how to design basic GRAPHICS & LOGOS using Adobe Illustrator.Whether you want to create Graphics for your Website / blog, social media pages, to sell in your online shop or create your own Graphic design business, then this course will teach you what…

Fashion Designing

Overview This is a art class for beginners to learn how to create fashion design illustrations using computer software and also templates. We will cover some offline sketching and also how to put your illustrations to a practical use. Anyone will benefit from the course whether you are a beginner…
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